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Relevize is the only partner execution SaaS platform built for sellers and partners to maximize their channel sales revenue. By automating partner campaigns, Relevize enables channel sales teams to efficiently scale and increase visibility into their partner generated pipeline.

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Funk Futures provides lead generation, marketing, and recruiting services for energy tech innovators looking to gain awareness with energy industry operators. The company combines an unrivaled rolodex and energy industry knowledge to provide revenue opportunities and best in class talent for growth companies.

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Little Farms is Singapore’s friendly neighborhood market, specializing in the highest quality and freshest all-natural and organic produce, meats, seafood, dairy and grocery. The company also has restaurants and bakeries and an eCommerce site where they selll direct to customers. 


Treadly offers ultra-thin, super-smart treadmills that fit anywhere.  Combined with its mobile app, Treadly provides enhanced walking experiences that make walking communal through virtual social walks with friends, families and workout groups.  

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Beyond BookSmart provides membership coaching services that promote and strengthen a broad range of critical Executive Function skills, including organization, focus, planning, time management, prioritization, reflection, and others.  The company's programs have  helped thousands of students excel.   

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Stay Hungry Digital specializes in optimizing Amazon seller marketing strategies.  The company provides content creation and ads that maximize lifetime value and ROAS.  

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